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lighttrap is a platform for an evolving group of independent photographers. It exists to document varying styles, provide inspiration and offer a contemporary alternative to commercial and stock photography.


With all your honor and dignity what would you do? This test only has one question, but it's a very important one. more...

Physicists at Harvard develop another kind of lighttrap, or at least, a lightstop. Read more here.

Tanya Clarke has been interviewed by Digital Photographer Magazine after they found a link to her site on the BJP site. More news of the issue when it's released.

The Photoblog rise continues: lighttrap now at 66. Sites are set for top 10 by the new year.

Photoblog update: lighttrap storms into the top 100 at 94 after just 4 days.

Ok, so lighttrap isn't exactly a Photoblog, but by the definition of the friendly people at we reckon it deserves a listing. If you agree, then click here and give us a + vote on their site, then have a looksee around at the rest, specifically the Top 100 list. Good stuff.

The 2.5 gigapixel photoThe Digital vs Film argument is far from over, with most compacts barely managing the 'effective' 4 megapixel mark, but with research like this 2.5 gigapixel offering from TNO TDP , you have to start wondering just how much longer it wil be. See here for the full effect.

>As a new edition comes into his own life (in the shape of his first born Ben). Ian Patrick has in turn become the latest edition to the ever extending lighttrap family. Also in the news: Talks are currently being held with London based Kay Mounting about Diasec framing for the forthcoming lighttrap > release. More news coming soon.

>Another addition to the lighttrap team comes this month in the shape of Art Director Laurence Thomson. Laurence is another Documentaryist and strong advocate of always having a camera to hand while on his worldly travels and once again proves how productive this approach to photography can be. Welcome aboard Laurence. more...

Lomographic World CongressBig congratulations go out to lighttrap photographer Marc Davies for his pole winning performance at the Lomographic World Congress in Beijing. Marc is a long time Lomographer and co-conspirator of lighttrap, so it's great to see him finally get some dues for his lighttrapping labour. Top job Marc.

Not a nudistAfter a 6 month film developing sabbatical, Mathew Moreton has finally gotten round to getting some prints printed, the results of which can be seen on his profile page and in various of the + galleries in Images, along with Tanya Clarkes intimate new collection, entitled A Family Holiday.

>New galleries by new photographers are coming thick and fast. This one, Woods, by the newest of new boys Peter J Morgan, compiles a beautiful collection Peter has been building for some time, and with long exposures and mad crazy lighting techniques it's guaranteed to leave you wondering 'how'd he do that then?' more ...